Don’t Tag Me!

I love their games, I love their features, I love their apps but there’s one thing I hate about Facebook, and that’s when my page is being flooded by some ads and when I was being tagged inappropriately by someone I didn’t know. It is quite irritating to see my page dominated or populated by these advertisements (or is it a form of advertising or some sort of a marketing trick). Actually, i would rather watch the TV and wait patiently for those tv commercials than being pissed off by these tags in which i had to manually removed myself from their list haha. You can’t blame me for being so upset especially that I used to be tagged with products related to male enhancers , tobaccos and other pharmaceutical products in which I never dare to use haha. I don’t mind if I keep on getting tags as long as the product is something I am interested to. Just like one of my first cousins , who used to received these tags but unlike mine, she used to get these “wholesome” advertisements like shoes, bags and jewelries which she adore the most. She used to buy or get some interesting deals on jewelry online which is good for her because she used to get her desired items in a discounted price. I haven’t tried online shopping yet but I am willing to try it someday. I just need a budget for it though haha.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Tag Me!”

  1. [SK] says:

    yeah, i hate that also!! that's why i never simply like or join any page.. sure you're gonna become their marketing channel~~ 😀

  2. [SK] says:

    but i think all these tagging is getting less in my facebook.. maybe i've been reporting them as spam previously, hahahaha!!

  3. [SK] says:

    but sometimes i do find useful information from those tagging too.. but really rarely, maybe less than 1%?? haha..

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