Dream, Blessings and Devotion

PhotobucketIt has been four months now since i got hired and even though I am not that motivated anymore, i think i have to bear with it for awhile, maybe a month or two will do and then i will look for another job but this time, i want it to be  something i am passionate about, something that I love and something i will be more effective to. Actually i am considering to go back to school, hoping to finish my degree. I WANT to become a TEACHER. It has always been my passion and I know I’m going to excel on that field. Well, my situation right now, is somehow, complicated because I really have to work hard for the sake of my family and as the breadwinner, i am responsible for everything so if i’m going to stop working and focus more on my dream, then who will support them? Honestly, i came to a point that I almost wanted to give up and i even lost my faith to God, blaming him for everything, not until i realized that I have so many things to be grateful at. Those are the simple things in life that are barely noticeable (or maybe they were left unnoticed because we are expecting and aiming too much). I think it’s been two months now, that i’m regularly visiting Baclaran Church before going home. It becomes more of a vow or a  devotion to me to visit the said church everyday. Here, i feel much closer to Him that i can tell all my problems and ask for his guidance. Since then, i feel like, despite of all the problems that we have right now, i should be more thankful because the problem that we have is ten times smaller than what others are experiencing right now. I should be grateful enough that we are all in good health, that all of us are alive, that all of us can walk with no ease, that all of us can eat three times a day, and so on. God is so good and He has plans for us.

6 thoughts on “Dream, Blessings and Devotion”

  1. [SK] says:

    hi there, looks like this place is quite quiet, am i the only one commenting?? hehe~~

  2. [SK] says:

    well, i really can understand your dilemma.. work can be very stressful and it's worse in your case that you are the breadwinner..

  3. [SK] says:

    maybe you want to consider doing your studies part time?? everything has a difficult start, and may not have the perfect situation for your to choose.. but we just have to choose the better alternatives..

  4. [SK] says:

    it's just that period you need to juggle between work and studies.. but look forward, it's for your future so you really have to strive through the days..

  5. [SK] says:

    and as you have mentioned, you are visiting HIM everyday to get yourself relaxed and obtain that inner peace, i am sure you will be able to face the challenges ahead of you..

  6. [SK] says:

    all my best wishes and encouragement to you!! you can make it.. 🙂

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