During Rainy Days

It is not Summer anymore and just recently Philippines has been hit by Typhoon Basyang causing damages to a lot of houses and properties. It also brought heavy rains that causes flash floods. Classes are being suspended and a lot of business establishments are being closed. In times like this, we should all be prepared. We should ready all our things such as flash lights and batteries in cases like brown outs; Rain Coats, Umbrella and other protective gears including rain boots. In times like this, we should all be aware. It is advisable for you to have a first aide kit in your house and also a small radio or transistor to keep your self updated with the latest happenings in your area. Always ensure you safety.

If you find this rain coats or rain boots so awkward to wear in such season, we are fortunate enough because there are companies that are promoting fashionable gears like rain boots. You can check this site to find out how they turn an ordinary boots to a very stylish one.

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