Education Is Important

Education is very important. This is what my father always telling me.  I know his right but still, I disobeyed him. I thought I can handle everything on my own. I failed to finish my college and start working when I was 16. I thought everything is going perfectly for me and I thought I have nothing to worry because I am on the right path. At first, I find it easy and I am confident that I can be successful even though I am not holding a professional degree until my employment contact ends in my previous employer. I thought I can find job easily knowing that I have working experience already but then all employers and companies I’ve been, hoping that I will be hired, are requiring college graduates. Finding job nowadays is so hard especially if you’re not holding any degree. Most of the time, the competition in job market takes place in applicant’s educational attainment. How I wish I followed by father’s advice on the first place.

I need to correct my mistake and take the right path in life. I am now determined to continue my studies. However, as of this moment, I don’t have any idea what course should I take. I can take Nursing since it is now in-demand abroad or I can take Bachelor of Science In Education so I can be a teacher like my mom. Or maybe I can take available lsat prep courses online if I want to take Law. I have many options to choose and it’s up to me what would I want to be in the future.  We can commit mistakes but in every mistakes, we learned a lesson.

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