Fair Ads Distribution for Startup Companies

What is fair advertising? We have a set of rules and regulations designed to keep advertisers honest in their claims. Essentially, you can’t make a false or unsubstantiated claim or falsely persuade consumers to buy your product.
The main three truth-in advertising rules for advertisers are:

-Ads must be honest and not deceptive

As explained by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) an ad is deceptive if it contains a statement or omits information that:-Mislead consumers otherwise acting reasonably in given circumstances -Omit important material necessary for consumers to make informed decisions about a product

It is not easy to know which ad truly caters the services we are looking for, that is why there are so many times that we fall into the scammer’s pits, ripping us off. Lookna aims at, if not completely eliminating, reducing scammers’ ads. That’s why Lookna aims to eliminate advertising scams that rip-off people using untruthful and misleading ads.


Lookna prohibits the advertisement of the following items and services: Casino & gambling, illegal drugs, and narcotics, adult items & services, guns, weapons, and ammunition. We also have restrictions on some items and services you may advertise in Lookna. Lookna reserves the right to decline or disapprove listings and ads that violate its policies, terms, and conditions.

-Have Enough Inventory

This rule applies to companies that sell physical goods. Depending on where you conduct business, you may be required to stock a minimum supply of the product you are advertising. This means being able to meet the demand that is reasonably expected unless you specifically state that your supply is limited. Regulation aside, you don’t want to hype up a product and then fail to deliver to your customers. This doesn’t do much for your company’s credibility.

-Advertisers must possess evidence to support claims made in ads

Before a company runs an ad, it has to have a “reasonable basis” for the claims. A “reasonable basis” means objective evidence that supports the claim. The kind of evidence depends on the claim. At a minimum, an advertiser must have the level of evidence that it says it has.

Lookna was built with the goal of eliminating scams and fraud in the market. For us to achieve our goals, all Lookna accounts will undergo a verification process. This includes you sending us proof of identification and proof of address that is valid from your country of origin. As a Lookna Advertiser, you are always responsible for ensuring that you comply with Lookna’s policies, all applicable laws and regulations in the area you are advertising. Lookna has the right to cancel your listing if it deemed inappropriate.

-Ads cannot be considered unfair

According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), an ad is unfair if it “causes or is likely to cause substantial consumer injury which a consumer could not reasonably avoid” and this cost is not outweighed by other consumer benefits.

Here at Lookna, we provide fair ads distribution to searches making your ads visible to targeted audiences without paying a fortune.

When you create an ad listing, it will not run in the Lookna network immediately, it must pass the verification process first. If it gets disapproved, you may modify it to meet our standards and have it verified again. If we find some violations in your listing and account, we will contact you and inform you about it. We will stop your listing so you can modify and have it verified.

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