Farmville Adventure Part 1

I joined my dad yesterday to visit my Uncle. We went to our province and meet our cousins. It’s been a long time since the last time we went there. My Uncle James is a farmer and he manage a lot of farm animals, poultry and livestock. I really enjoyed my trip to my Uncle’s farm especially the part where my cousins tour me in their place to meet all the animals. I found out that aside from poultry and livestock animals, they have lovely animals which can be found mostly in Zoos. They have turtles and parrots and more! And because this is a rare opportunity, i didn’t miss a chance to take some photos.

This is one of my Uncle’s poultry animals. This is a hen. They are the one who lay eggs. According to my Uncle, hens can naturally live for more than 6 years! Unlike broiler chicken who take less than six weeks after they have reached their slaughter size.

Now, here’s an imported-breed pig. Usually, pig has a pinkish color but this one has a fussy dark brown hair. It’s almost like a wild boar. I wonder how the taste differ from the usual pig. This pig is probably the cleanliest pig i have ever seen. Usually pigs’ habitat are muddy places  but look at the cage of this one, there’s no sign of mud isn’t?

Anyways, i enjoy our trip so much. It seems that i saw an actual FarmVille (a popular facebook game). I will tell the rest of the stories of this exciting farm trip including a little drama about the slaughtered sheep.

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