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For someone who’s job is mostly relying on the Internet like me, then a fast Internet connection is what i need to support my online activities but there were times that my PC isn’t so cooperating with me. Sometimes, it will freeze and sometimes it will run so slow, making it so hard for me to finish my daily activities.

When this issue arouse, i used to call my friend to help me. There are actually many ways to bring your computer back it it’s normal speed. One of the most common would simply be by clearing your browser. It’s very advisable to clear your browser’s cookies and cache. If you do not want to lose those password saved in your browser, then simply clear the cache.

Defragmenting your PC is also a big help. I used to defrag my PC every week.  It saves disk space and it helps your PC to perform much faster.

Aside from optimizing your browser and defragging your PC, you can also use registry cleaners to improve the performance of your PC. As what the term connotes, the software is used to clean your registry, removing unwanted, invalid and unused folders.

Just be careful with those rouge registry cleaners. Just like rouge software, these rouge cleaners pretend to be a registry cleaner but it will just send virus and malware on your PC. Better to ask an expert technician or read some reliable registry cleaner review to help you out choosing the right software.

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