Getting Ready for my Online Business

Finally, the items I ordered last week are expected to arrive this coming Thursday.  I ordered the starter kit Polymer Clay package online and I think I’m ready enough to start a business of my own. I will be showcasing our first few crafts next week and I am hoping that the business will end up successfully. It is so nice to give myself a new output because for the past 7 years, I have been dealing with computer works which are quite stressing. I’m not going to quit my online job completely but it’s just that, right now, I am looking for other options to help me grow as an individual. I have a great feeling about this upcoming business and I am so excited about it.

If this business goes exactly as I planned, I might have to treat myself or buy something like a sterling silver bracelet which I have been aiming so bad haha. I am not into jewelry to be honest but once It caught my attention and interest, I just can’t help myself but to purchase them. I think I deserve to treat myself sometimes hehe.

Anyway, wish me luck guys, i am currently preparing my site to showcase my crafts and I will buzz more about it soon! See yah!

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