Gifts From A Friend From Bali

I am so grateful to receive a package from a blogger friend of mine ~ FoongPc. I never really expect this gift at first  because i failed to win Foong’s contest at that time and then he sent a message to me via facebook asking for my mailing address. he told me that he would like to send me a package, a gift that he got from his Bali Indonesia trip.

And then, early this morning, i got his package!

Oh i must say that Foong has a good hand writing..

Okay, at first, as i un-wrapped the package, i thought Foong sent me this cute little music card game. I said to myself that Foong really knew me and he knew how i love music and so he sent me this music card game..

As i open the box, i saw this card where there’s a message from foong stating that “No this is not a music card game” haha

Since i’m starting to find this music card game interesting, I even read the manual to find out how the game works.. Maybe i’ll buy something like this soon.

Anyway, at the back of the card is a note from Foong.  Okay so let see what i have inside my Package

A soap from Bali! It really smells good.

Together with the Bali Soap is this little bottle that contains “Frangipani Oil”. For those who are not familiar with Frangipani.. It is actually a flower that is pinkish in color and almost resembles as an orchid.

but wait! there’s more. I also got this Bali souvenir magnet. I’ll add this to my collection.

To sum it all here’s are the souvenirs i got from foong..^_^

Let me also take this opportunity to thank Foong for giving me such a nice gift and i’ll promise to keep it!

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