Glee “Never Been Kissed” is So Gay!

Okay, so you all watched Glee Season 2 Episode 6 entitled “Never Been Kissed?” Well, i can say that this episode is soooooo gay! LOL. Well title itself refer to the 2 of the musical series’ main cast such as Kurt (played by Chris Colfer) and Coach Beiste (the former Coach Ken Tanaka). The episode is quite surprising. I could never imagine that Will Schuester will kiss Coach Beast (take note!! he kissed him on lips).. Another surprising scene is when Kurt has been kissed by the school bully, Karofsky. They also brought new character Blaine who protrays a gay member of a rival glee club, the Dalton Academy Warblers. Well, definitely, it’s a all gay episode LOL. Anyway, Artie teams up with Noah Puckerman to help him change his bully behavior within 6 weeks. By the way, Darren Criss, who portrayed the role of Blaine is a half Filipino. So meaning to say, aside from Charice, we have another guy to look up to in this hit American series. Interesting!

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