Halloween Costumes for Kids and For Adults

Halloween is nearly approaching and as a matter of fact, Milzon and I are planning to make some Halloween crafts at home. I’m sure his  school will organize another Halloween Party just like what they did last year in which we had so much fun. Halloween is usually associated with some fun activities and events including the Jack O Lantern Carvings and Trick or Treating. Most establishments and houses are being decorated to provide some haunted attractions for kids. Halloween costume Parties are pretty in demand today not just for kids but for all ages as well.

Looking back at last year’s event, I’m glad that I was able to save some pictures.


These are some wall decors that we made (Jack O Lantern and Frankenstein) . We make use of colored papers and some pieces of strings, making them inexpensive yet lovely Halloween hanging decorations. We made spider webs and life size skeleton too to add more spirit on the occasion.


Halloween Costumes doesn’t have to be very expensive especially for kids and in fact, you can make your own costumes by simply using some used materials and input some of your creativity and I’m sure you’ll end up in something good. The pictures above are few of the costumes that we made last year. Milzon’s Bloody Knife Headgear is actually my personal favorite. Who would have thought that we will come up with such wonderful craft out of used aluminum foil and card board. To make his costume complete, we asked him to wear an old “Barong Tagalog”. Mirasol, on the other hand is wearing a Fairy-inspired head gear which is a very popular costume theme for girls. Funny, but we make use of old Christmas balls for her antenna and her old pink gown as well to complete her Fairy costume. We improvised fairy wings too to make it more attractive.

Avatar Costume 4Scream Costume

As For Adult Costumes, I don’t think it is advisable to make costumes out of recycled materials anymore unless you are so creative. Shown above are two of the costumes I’ve seen last year. The Avatar-inspired costume is quite in demand during that time. I think it requires a lot of effort because you have to cover your self with body paint and you have to buy a wig and a pair of wings to complete the Avatar set. The Scream face- inspired costume on the other hand is very common and not so thrilling anymore. For girls, you can try out those sexy bunny costumes or Playboy-inspired suits which are pretty in demand today. If you want to be more unique, then why not try a Lady Gaga-inspired outfits? Anyway, no matter what costumes you wear, what matters most here is to bring and feel the fun.

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