Halloween Parade Kiddie Version

Last Wednesday, we’ve witnessed a lot of creepy Halloween costumes on the parade and this time, it’s kids turn! The Daycare students had their own parade yesterday around 3pm. Kids are wearing colorful and somehow creepy costumes but instead of freaking you out, their overwhelming cuteness will prevail more! I’m sure parents took so much effort to dress up their kids for this wonderful event.GEDC0366eThis is actually an annual event in Cavite City in which kids are doing Trick or Treats from one house to another. They are all carrying their own pumpkin baskets to store their sweet treats.
GEDC0355 I was actually expecting to see more Elsa or Anna from Frozen. Here’s a Butterfly fairy and a DemonGEDC0356e A WitchGEDC0357eA Little Vampire throwing his sweetest smile GEDC0359e A Corpse LadyGEDC0360eLady In WhiteGEDC0361eGEDC0363 A Zombie (this kid is also in character hehe)GEDC0364e Death
GEDC0365e A WitchGEDC0367e Another DraculaGEDC0369e A Dracula again ^_^GEDC0370r Ahoy! A Pirate!

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