Halloween Parade

Happy Halloween! Last night, I was able to watch a Halloween Parade organized by our City officials. They encouraged people to wear the scariest and the coolest costumes for a chance to win prizes. As far as I know, there are three categories including the Kid Category, Non Professional and Professional category. Each will bring home respective prizes. I wasn’t able to finish the parade so I am not sure what exactly the verdict is.
GEDC0295eBloody Little School Girl who somehow reminds me of Wednesday AddamsGEDC0291e A “Kapre”(Philippines mythical creature characterized as Tree Demon) and a Ghoul-like Witch
GEDC0292e A Scary Old Lady Mannequin on a Wracking Chair
GEDC0294e A “Manananggal”, another Philippine Mythical Creature
GEDC0296e A Little Red WitchGEDC0301eScary Butcher Wolf
GEDC0303e A Ghoul/ghost in HoodGEDC0304e A Creepy DollGEDC0307e A Couple Ghouls
GEDC0308e A Vampire, A Zombie? A Ghoul? Whatever It Is, It is Freaky As Hell.GEDC0311e JigsawGEDC0312eGEDC0315eScary FamilyGEDC0313eScream
GEDC0325e A Zombie
GEDC0328eA Bloody Zombie
GEDC0330e Zombie Kid
GEDC0335e A Baby Witch

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