Homework, Virus and Data Recovery

I was searching the web last night , trying to help my little brother in answering his home work about Science. Well Science used to be my favorite subject but i just can’t answer the questions given to him by his tutor. Yikes… what a shame. Good thing we have Internet at home and we can always access the web and search for the information that we need. I actually tried Yahoo Answer last night, asking some answers from its users and we actually found some useful information from them. Anyway, while i was on that site, i saw someone asking for some help. He’s computer was infected by a Virus and he don’t know how to remove it from the system.

I am not a techie guy but i know some of the basic trouble shooting step. I worked as a Technical Support representative before in an ISP client and my job deals on resolving customer’s Internet Connection problems. Virus is actually one of my worst enemies when i was an agent because i find them really hard to resolved. Well, usually i take those easy steps like optimizing the browser, checking the IP, and more. But if the virus is still there, then i’ll take the last option which is either do a system restore or reformatting the PC. However, before doing such processes, i encourage them first to back up some copy of their files or have a data recovery software installed in their PC so that we can recover the date if in case the reformatting failed.

Well, in the case of this guy, his computer is infected by what so called Rouge virus. Rogue virus is a Malware that pretends to act as an Anti virus. Once the computer is infected by a rogue software, the user will be warned repeatedly that his computer is infected and an immediate action is required, leaving him no choice but to purchase their product. This virus can also damage your files and some data saved in your PC that’s why a data recovery Software is advisable to prevent any worst case scenario.

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