How To Cure Hangover

Hangovers are caused not by alcohol itself but by non-alcoholic ingredients called “Congeners” which give the flavor and aroma of different drinks. Congeners are toxic chemicals that are formed during fermentation, some liquors have more of them than others. These congeners are widely responsible for headaches.

So here i gathered some effective Hangover cures.

►Drink a glass or two of cold water when you awake. It can’t do any harm and at least you’ll give all those congeners something to think about.

►Aspirin, taken with water. It is not dangerous but not desirable either. A couple of Aspirin may relieve Hangover eventually, but so will time.

►Black Coffee. “Hot and Sweet”, this will certainly disguise that foul furry taste on your tongue but only temporarily. It will do nothing to combat your general indisposition.

►The real cure….. strongly recommended …. take the juice of one lemon or orange and a generous measure of honey.  It is the Vitamin C of the lemon and the fruit sugar fructose of the honey which do the trick by hastening the rate  at which your body breaks up those congeners.

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  1. Ishmael Ahab says:

    Ah…hang-over. I really hate having hang-overs. That is why I avoid drinking beer or other alcoholic drinks.

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