I Hate Doing House Chores!

I hate doing house chores but i have no choice but to deal with them since mom take them as our obligation. Well, i know she’s just trying to teach us how to become responsible if ever we decided to become independent but why does all the hard tasks are being given to me?? Okay, i know i am the eldest and i deserve to have those tasks but sometimes i guess we should have a rotation so that we will not be making the same routine everyday.

Anyway, yesterday is such a horrible day because they all left me alone in our house. Mom and Dad went to visit my Auntie and they took Mirasol and Milzon with them. They left all the responsibilities to me which includes the house chores. I clean their room, scrub the floor, water the garden and wash the dishes. Man! i think i should be applying now as a chambermaid. haha! I really hate washing the dishes or clothes or anything wet. i just feel uncomfortable in doing them. I really had a hard time yesterday because the water from the faucet drains very slow and it took me ages to finish washing all the dishes. I suspect that there must be something wrong with the pipe or with the plumbing system and we better ask someone to fix. I just wish we could find someone like the Plumber Portland Or has because i have heard that they can fix any plumbing related issue in no time. They are also known for providing good quality service.

They will all be here later on and i have to prepare something for our lunch. I have to serve them my specialty…… fried Egg! LOL.

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