I lost my Phone

This is just great! I just lost my phone yesterday and now, i have no way to contact my friends to inform them that i will not be attending our upcoming reunion (Again?? 0_0). I have no one to blame other than myself for being so careless. Here’s what actually happened. I was actually on my way to work but for some reason, i was really sleepy that time, in a point that i failed to realized that i fell asleep on my seat next to a person seating beside me. I was in a hurry that time too and i failed to check my bag before leaving the bus. I was like, so down, i felt so stupid for myself. Anyway, as like what they said, everything happens for a reason so maybe this is a signal call to me to replace my phone. This is a great time to upgrade my phone as well. I am aiming to get an iPhone and I am crossing my fingers right now that my budget will allow me to purchase one. I just found some cool iphone 3g cases online which makes me so eager to have this gadget. I know that it has many features that my previous phone can’t provide so I think i might give it a try. After all, i’m also the one who will benefit from it in return right?

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