I Wanna Be Like Mr Abram

If you cherished your  90’s then I bet you know this guy a lot. I am an avid fan of “The New Yankee Workshop” ever since I was a kid. At some point, i was dreaming to become like Mr. Norm Abram. His works are just fascinating and I wish I also have that huge workshop with powerful tools so that I can come up with high quality furniture as well.

Going back to reality, I know for the fact that it is not just about the tools. A well crafted furniture is based on different factors. Skill is major contributing factor that can be used to come up with a furniture with high in quality. Materials should be considered too.  Poor quality materials will make the furniture less durable. I am not a professional worker but my dad used to be a chief carpenter during his sea man years and somehow thought me about proper crafting and so on.

I am not really that proud of my work but i managed to create my own working table for my drafting and I was able to fix some chairs before. And now that we will have a major renovation this coming November, I might give a hand and help the workers with their job. I was aiming to make a brand new computer desk that is good and wide enough for my new room. Perhaps, i should study first on how to install those linear rail systems and other related stuffs like proper jointing of woods and more. Working without knowledge would be very risky and it will just be a waste of money if failed right?

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