Ice Fishing and Snow Boarding

Christmas season is nearly approaching and I am so excited about it. Unfortunately, we do not have snow here so that is something I am really not looking forward to but i do wish that we have snow here because that would be great and fun. Just like what being shown in these pictures below.

These pictures were sent to me by my Grampa Ralph last year showing my Uncle Edward and his sons. Their having “ice fishing” here which definitely sounds so fun. Most of the Coyne family (except for us) can be found mostly in Oklahoma or in nearby regions or state. I am so grateful that we’re still keeping in touch with each other via mail, phone and also through Facebook. Grampa Ralph used to send me their photos, introducing me to some of our relatives abroad.

I hope I can visit them soon. I want to try snow boarding too. My grampa is also looking forward to that possibility. He told me that once i get there, he will definitely tour me around, introduce me to some of the Coyne family and he will buy thule ski racks for our snowboarding activity. That would be a great experience indeed. Waaaah! I’m so excited about it.

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