Ideal Place For Summer

By this month, we should be expecting a series of rains and thunderstorms but it seems like the weather is not really cooperating with us. It is freaking hot indeed and the temperature is seemingly getting higher and higher everyday. It’s not really surprising if people used to spend their time hitting the nearest beaches to pamper and refresh themselves from this freaking hot weather. In fact, we just went to Cherry’ resort few weeks ago just to unwind and relax.
 photo P5010426ee_zps9c789e5f.jpg

However, since our house is way too far from the said venue, we had to travel for more or less one or two hours and that’s really irritating. If I only have enough budget and opportunity, I would probably one of those who are looking for south beach real estate. First of all, they are located near a beach resort so I can go out and hit the beach anytime I want. Such an ideal place indeed.

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