I’m such a Clumsy Smurf

I’m the most clumsiest and the most careless guy around I guess. Well, can you imagine that I used to change my phone at least twice a year not because i wanted to but because I broke them all. Just like what happened last month, i accidentally drop the phone in water. Yes, i might be the equivalent version of “Clumsy” of the “Smurfs” because I always messed up everything. Phones today are quite expensive and it may ruined my budget again if i’m going to buy a new one. I brought my damaged phone in a Cellphone repair shop but it seems that they can’t repair it because they still have my phone until now. Anyway, i might consider those prepaid cell phones I found online. After all, i’m not using my phone a lot, i just need the mp3 and the camera features of it LOL.

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