Importing From China

These are cool watches from China. My cousin offered them to me in such a very low price. Each of them worth Php180 each. These are Auto lock Wrist watches and I bought 3 pieces from her. The one on top is my personal pick and I bought another two for my siblings. I think this a very nice business for her and it is pretty amazing to know that her capital isn’t that big to start one for her own. She has a supplier who import products directly from China. China is one of the leading exporters in the world and a lot of people are patronizing they’re products because of being so expensive. They we’re able to purchase the items in low price and they gain a lot of profit from it. This is the reason why most people today are engaging themselves to the so called Import- Export Business. This is where a buyer is Importing from China and sell them in a very profitable yet reasonable price. If you want to learn more about this business, you might want to read Perry Belcher’s book about the Import Export Business Plan and how to succeed in such field.

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