It’s Perfect Time To Start a Business

It’s Christmas time again and I think it is also a great time to start a business. My mom usually grab this chance to start her “Tamales” business. I have mentioned this before in my previous posts that Tamales is more like an indigenized version of the Mexican tamal. However, our version , compared to the Tamal of Mexico, is sweeter and composed mainly of ground rice and peanut. This is actually one of my mom’s specialty and is one of the traditional foods that we serve every Christmas and New Years Eve.  My mom started to get some pre-orders  so it would not be too stressful for her since she doesn’t have to rush herself in collecting orders from her beloved customers. It actually started as her hobby until someone from our neighbor advised her that it’s going to be a great source of income if she will take it more seriously. My mom indeed took her hobby to another level and start her own Tamales business. Well, of course, right now, it is nothing but a small seasonal business but I’m sure, if her time and her budget will allow her, and if she’s willing to take her business to another level, it would be a successful one. Whop knows she might get a small business equipment leasing service and hire some workers to help her with her business in the future, right? Not bad at all, nothing is impossible if you keep on thinking positively. Anyway, i would like to grab this opportunity to greet you guys an advance Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!!

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