Jack and Jill

PhotobucketAdam Sandler never fail to amaze me with his films. Like all his other movies, you might find it quite non-sense at the beginning of the story but if i am going to compare “Click” to “Jack & Jill” , i don’t think it will meet someone’s expectation because the film is quite predictable though it’s still great and worth watching for. Jack & Jill focuses on the story between the Identical twins and their quite complicated relationship. Jack was quite annoyed with his Sister Jill (both played by Sandler) because of her passive-aggressiveness and clumsiness. Jill decided to stay with Jack’s family to celebrate Christmas with them. Jack is working in an advertising company and his work is at risk because one of their major clients is about to pull out their account not unless they will be able to convince Al Pacino to endorse their new product. Yeah! you heard that right! the Godfather is here and it is really quite unusual to see him cracking some jokes and punchlines here. Anyway, Al Pacino, surprisingly fell in love with Jill. This feeling suddenly became an obsession and Jack took advantage of this in order to convince the actor to endorse the Dunkin Donut’s new product , the “Dunkacino”. Jill was quite hopeless to see the right guy who will love her the way she is. I don’t want to spoil the entire story guys so you better watch it on your own risk hahaha. What will happen to Jill and Al Pacino? What will happen to Jack, will he be able to convince Al Pacino to endorse the product? Oh well, you just have to find it out. If you are an Adam Sandler fan, then you might not include this film as one of his bests because, to be prank, it is considered as one of the worst films of 2011 but still very ideal to watch. Check the trailer Below;

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