Jamming While Raining

 photo IMG_7465_zps943911ae.jpgCheers! It is raining heavily today and all the classes were suspended. It is also my perfect time to jam with my cousin today. It’s been a while now since the last time I played the guitar and so as my cousin Ichan who is quite busy with his course. He is now on his third year in College as an engineering student and his subjects are becoming more and more demanding recently. Anyway, we would like to grab this opportunity to practice and have some guitar sessions together. I am not a professional guitarist nor an ammateur one because I only know nothing but the basics but I am willing to learn more. I find it so cool whenever I see a great guitarist playing his guitar in front of such great crowd. I also want to compose my own chords and play my own songs in the future. I am not willing to share it with anyone though. LOL. Anyway, as you can see from the image above, my cousin is teaching me with the basic chords using a bass guitar. For someone who is used to a typical rhythm guitar, learning bass guitar is an all new thing! It is quite complicated actually and it does require a lot of Getting-used-to.

My cousin played the lead and try to back him up with the bass and it ends up with such a disastrous harmony (it’s not harmonious at all). My cousin told me that it would have sound better if we have  some good neotech drums & percussion at guitar center. The space however in his room is not good enough to accomodate such big instrument that’s why they are considering having a renovation soon to give enough space for his little room. It would be very fun indeed.

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