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Here’s the my fourth article about about Internet Scams and Hoaxes. If you missed my previous entries you can check these links ( Bank Details and Phishing ScamsFake Medical Information, Urban Legends About Contaminated Food and Drinks). Anyway, our topic for today is probably one of the most common and popular type of scams and I myself, was a victim of it too. Have you ever received emails promoting the joy and ease of working at home usually in bold-faced and capitalized subject lines full of exclamation points?

Messages with subject lines like “Make Extra Cash At Home”, “Work in the comfort of Your Own Home”, and “Wide Selection of Jobs… Top Pay! are tempting to open but don’t be fooled. According to some reliable websites, people who do respond to fraudulent work-at-home schemes are asked to pay a lifetime enrollment fee in exchange for the listing of the name and address of about 80 Companies. And then, it is up to you to contact those companies for more information and thorough verification.

Sometimes, the contacting “company” will even charge an additional fees for a start up kit for each job type that includes assembling electronic circuit boards, assembling holiday decoration, typing, processing coupons and the like. Jobs that require the assembly of crafts may also require users to purchase costly materials, equipment and training from the fraud perpetrator in order to make the products. However, once you invest, they never buy back the products or refused to pay for the finished products on allegations that they did not meet “quality standards”

Others attempting to contact the company to question them only to find out that the phone line has been disconnected or the company has closed shop and moved to a new location.

Well, such offers are deceptive and misleading and should be ignored or reported to the authorities. Many ads do not disclose that you have to work an inordinate number of hours without pay or do not disclose hidden costs. And of course, it’s also a matter of common sense. Be aware if the email came out from nowhere and should not do any transactions unless you proved that the company is a trusted one.

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One thought on “Job Offer Scams

  • June 4, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    I used to look for such job opportunities too, when I was jobless and desperate. But now, I raise an eyebrow at emails with these subjects, suspecting scams and eagerly dragging them into the junk mail folder.


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