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Nowadays, I must say that finding a job is very hard. It’s either there are no vacancies or you are not qualified enough for the position that you are applying for. We are still suffering from global financial crisis that brought a lot of business establishment into closure. It is probably the main reason why a lot of people are still unemployed. Good thing that there are websites that helps an individual to find a job easier and faster. Diversity job search is one a good examples. It offers one of the largest job posting databases on the web. By accessing their job search engine to find great local job openings in your area of interest or post your resume they will let the employers find you! For me, the competition in job market is not just about the educational attainments and employment record; it is generally based on the applicant’s attitude and determination to get that job. So if you are still unemployed, don’t lose hope because for sure, there’s an opportunity waiting for you. Don’t stop sending your resume online and don’t stop seeking for a job. Who knows, maybe that employer is also looking for someone like you! Good luck!

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