Judging People

For Example, you were walking down the street and you saw a lady dressed in a weird way, will you glance back and criticize her – either silently or saying the words “Her dress is weird; she should have worn something better!”? Be honest. I am sure most of us have seen someone dressed in a not normal way during ordinary days… and some of us may have judged her negatively, am I right?
We may admit it or not, there are many times in our lives when we judge other people – from criticizing their lives, clothes, pronunciation, physical appearance, etc. Some of us may have done it all at once or twice, behind some reasons. Some of us criticize and condemn other people. Sometimes, we gladly find or expose another person’s faults and mistakes. Some people tear other people down – sometimes in front of them, but in most times, behind their backs. It may be fun for some, but not for the victim.

Why do people judge other people? Is it because of pride? Or is it your excuse so your own faults will not be noticed?

Its time to break another boundaries guys, share us your thoughts and let your voices be heard…

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