Kill Depression

I came across a very nice article last night and i want to share it with you. These are the 4 tips on how to ward off depression. I’ve been suffering from a serious depression guys and if you just know how much i wanted to overcome this nightmare.

Identify the symptoms of depression.
►Serious depression : perpetual sadness, slow reaction of mind and body, morbid and bitter self criticism.
Mild Depression: discouragement, loneliness, disconsolateness, feelings of inferiority, getting no fun out of life.

Practice Hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit.
Right eating, right exercising, right thinking, right praying, right living, these tone up vitality.
Practice of thought replacement can bring about spirit transfusion.
►Replace each weak thought with a strong one.
►Replace each negative thought with a positive one.
►Replace each hate thought with a loving one.
►Replace each gloomy thought with a lifted one.

I hope i can do these all effectively and overcome my depression in no time.

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