Laminated Floors?

Have you seen a house with laminated flooring? I really don’t have any idea how exactly it looks like and how they are being installed but they said that it is the cheapest type of flooring among other flooring options like Vinyl, ceramic, marble and glass tiles. No guys, laminate flooring are different from linoleum. Linoleum is much thinner and it has poor quality compare to laminated floor coverings.

What makes this flooring different aside from being inexpensive is the installation process. Unlike other floor coverings, it is so easy to be installed and you can even do it all by yourself without the need of hiring experts. But of course, if you want to see a very satisfying result, then you better hire professionals than taking the risk alone. The result may vary as well, depending on the quality of your laminated floors. Well, if you chose to have laminated floors, then better buy those well trusted brand like pergo.

Laminated Floors are like synthetic woods. They are trying to imitate the wood appearance. Interesting right? I guess, i would consider this type of flooring if ever i got separated to my parents and have my own house.

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