Learning New Craft

PhotobucketI’m starting to practice molding figures from clay in preparation to my upcoming plans to start a Polymer Clay Craft Making business. The image shown in the left are two of my newest creations. The First one was Luffy, a character from a Japanese Manga/ Anime, One Piece. The Second one was Katniss from Hunger Games. Actually, i was aiming to have Chibi clays as my specialty but I don’t mind doing other accessories from clay including earrings, ring and necklaces. Actually, it’s part of the workshop. they will be teaching me how to make accessories from polymer clay and how to bake them properly. I did some research online and I found some impressive art works from Polymer clay.

Now, who would have thought that this gold plated pendant is made out from Polymers Clay? Impressive isn’t? Of course, to add more value to it, you can have a real gold chain to make it more elegant. I am really aiming to learn such craft. I hope i have much time to attend the workshop. After all, I just filed a resignation from my company and I just have to render 30 more days. Not bad!

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