Lindsay Lohan is Back For Good?

She’s done completing her community service, skipping her Shoplifting classes, done with her DUI cases and the jewelry theft case is almost forgotten. Lindsay Lohan definitely went through a lot of ups and downs and good to know that she made it through everything and she was given another shot to change her life and put herself into limelight and THAT IS when she’s really willing to change for good. I think she learned her lesson and thanks to her therapy and series of rehabilitation programs which helped her recover from such a deep dark nightmare. It must be the darkest part of her career but she was enlighten by these programs to start a brand new living, free from any addiction. Let’s cross our fingers that she will never take that path again on her career. Just like what I have read from addiction starts from our innocent and curious minds and it happens before we even realized that we are being drowned by addiction and we can hardly recognize ourselves from the way we were before.  There’s a cure indeed and just like what happen with Lindsay, there’s always a way out and there’s always a chance to change and start a better living.

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