Locating the Leaks

RoofI usually don’t do this kind of household thing but it forced me yesterday because we found some stains on our ceiling and we suspect that there must be a leakage in our roof. Roof leak is more like an emergency that has to be treated as early as possible before making the condition worst. They can wreak havoc in your house in a very short time that’s why you have to be alert. If you saw some signs of leakage such as water entry, stains or molds, then seek immediate action. You can hire someone from the neighborhood or do the repair all by yourself. After all, all you need is to locate the leaks from the outside. Just fill the leaks using a sealant and that’s all! And that’s what i did yesterday. And since it’s raining today, we were about to find out if we were able to fixed the issue or not. Oh God wish us luck!

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