Losing Weight For Summer

Its summer already and almost everyone is planning out to spend their summer vacation by going to a beach! But for me, it’s not a good plan as off this moment simply because I don’t have enough confidence to face my friends. I don’t even have the confidence to take off my shirt in from of them.LOL.  Well, I know for some of you, it’s not a big deal but for me who is being teased by my friends for so many years because of being an overweight, it really matters to me. I tried everything to lose weight but none of them seems to be working. I tried having regular exercise as if I go to gym almost everyday, I tried minimizing my food and even skipping meals which is not so good but none of them is effectively working to me. I guess the only option left to me is to take some weight loss products like dietary supplements and pills. I have heard that excising regularly while taking dietary pills will help you to cut off calories much faster.  Hopefully it will work for me so that I can attend next year’s summer vacation confidently.

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