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Valentines is just around the corner  and i know most of you have plans already. I was reading a magazine yesterday when a certain column took my attention. It’s about love letters. Have you ever wrote a love letter to someone? Well, we are already in the modern age and its seldom to see people who still write love letter for their love ones. For me love letters are more valuable than any greeting cards or any other expensive valentines gifts because you make it all by your heart and you really spend time for it.

So if you’re planning to send love letter to your girlfriend, then better try these love letter tips that i got from a mag.

  1. Never be Discreet. If you dare not stick your neck out, you might as well not write the thing. If you are afraid, you may regret your wild words later on, when you have cooled off, you do not love her anyway.
  2. Never be Reliable. If she knows that exactly four pages will drop on her doormat on the first post, six days a week, she will treat them as casually as they deserve. Much better to keep her guessing, so that she can never knows whether she will get 18 pages, two lines, or nothing at all~ or find it under her pillow and wonder how the hell it got there.
  3. If you can type, do. Some people are said to be annoyed by this- but not so-  and they are far more likely to be annoyed by writing they cannot read. Besides, it means that you can keep a carbon (a) to avoid contradicting yourself, and (b) to give to your lawyer when the trouble starts.
  4. Love Letters do no have to be truthful. She doesn’t expect it; she expects to be moved by their intensity.
  5. In extreme cases, love letters do not have to be complimentary. Lovers private language is so personal that it is impossible, really, for an outsider to pass judgment on it.
  6. How is your spelling? Even it is shocking, make sure one thing right- her name. Address “Anne” as “Ann” or “Jayne” as “Jane”, and you have probably had it before you start.

Again, no one can teach us how to write a love letter. It is personal and every words you write should come from your heart. These are just tips to follow and serve as your guide.

2 thoughts on “Love Letters”

  1. marikoy says:

    Oy, may plano siyang sumulat ng love letter. hehehe… good luck, at ako ay gagawa na rin ng loveletter para sa asawa ko.

  2. Raffy says:

    I think I will not celebrate Valentine's day this year because my girlfriend just went abroad huhu.

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