Luau Party

We just had a Luau Party last Wednesday and to be honest I don’t know what was the party all about at first. All I know is that we are required to attend the party . It is an event held by the company so we really have to take our participation. Luau is a Hawaiian party which is usually associated with foods, beers and some sort of entertainment including music and hulas.

We were advised to wear floral or Hawaiian-themed dresses and they gave us some stubs for foods. It’s pretty exciting indeed considering that this is my first time to attend such event.


PhotobucketThe event started around 5 in the afternoon. Aside from the Party, the event also recognized those agents who got some commendations from their beloved customers and I am so grateful to be a part of it. I got 3 certificates (so that means three commendations) and a wonderful Tumbler.

PhotobucketThe event showcased different dance numbers and even a performance of Lady Gaga (an impersonator) .

PhotobucketThey held some fun games too including Limbo Rock and Pinoy Henyo (A guessing game).

PhotobucketOf course the main event was the Mr and Ms Hula Pageant in which each Team will present their own Muse and Escort for that one special night. Winners will get some cool prizes too. Of course, Team 5 (in which I belong to) , grab this opportunity to send two of our good looking team mates and we are so confident thjat we can win that fight that time and that feeling didn’t failed us. We won and thanks to Jidea and Reymar for making our team so proud. Anyway, I didn’t stay that long at the party and to be honest, I failed to witness the pageant myself but despite of staying in a short period of time, I really had so much fun.

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