Milzon’s Love Interest

PhotobucketMeet Rain, one of Milzon’s closest friends haha. Well, they are not just close because Milzon has a big crush on her and we used to tease him whenever he’s with Rain. Luckily for my little brother, Rain is one of his classmates and they in the same row haha.

If you just know how he blush every time we tease him and if you just know how painful it is every time he punch me  haha. And here’s one of their cheesy moment that we can never forget, last Valentines Day, Milzon gave her a rose. He insisted my mom to buy him a rose just to give it personally to Rain. How sweet right haha. And now that Rain will be celebrating her birthday this coming Thursday, and now that he got his invitation, I’m sure he’s planning to buy something special for her… eeeeeh so cheesy haha

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