Movie Marathon Part 2

This entry is the continuation of my Movie Marathon Part 1 post. Just like what i have said, my cousin Ichan and I had a movie marathon together and we have watched a total of three films. That’s two Disney Films and an action-comedy Asian film. Okay, tease me now! I know that watching Disney animated movies are kinda inappropriate for my age and So??? I really don’t care LOL. I love watching animated films because they make me feel like a child again.

2. Enchanted– Anyway, i have shared the first movie in my last post which is Bolt, a 2008 Disney Animated film. And now, let me share you the second film we watched on Ichan’s laptop. We watched “Enchanted.” It’s a 2007 Disney film starring Amy Adams as Giselle, James Paul Marsden as Prince Edward and Patrick Dampsey as Robert. I failed to watch this film on theater and i can’t find any of the released Dvd that’s why i insisted Ichan to watch the film. Enchanted is such a great film which gave a brand new twist to the ordinary animation  early produced by Disney. Unlike other fairytales, the story here involves the real world. It was Giselle who was sent in the real world by the wicked witch. Giselle was found by Robert Philips and sent her to his house. Prince Edward followed her princess on the real world. Then the wicked witch sent the henchman Nathaniel to stop and prevent the 2 couple finding each other. Nathaniel was commanded by the Queen to poison Giselle through the poisoned apple. Meanwhile, Giselle accidentally fell in love with Robert while she’s in the middle of the search for his Edward. Edward soon found Giselle. Both of them are planning to go back to Anastasia but before that Giselle ask Edward to date her and attend the ball. Giselle and Edward attended the ball so as Robert and his fiance Nancy. Because of Nathaniel’s failures, The Queen herself went to the real world to kill Giselle. She was able to convince Giselle to take a bite on the poisoned apple and killed her. It was revealed that the only thing that can save Giselle is through the true love kiss. Edward kissed Giselle but didn’t worked out. Robert then kissed the princess which save Giselle’s life. Because of her frustration, The queen transformed herself into a dragon and took Robert with her. Giselle decided to slay the dragon all by her self. They were able to kill the Dragon. The ending of the film is quite surprising too. Giselle decided to stay with Robert while Prince Edward went back to Anastasia with Nancy.

Will share the last movie in my next entry.

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