[ Movie Review ] Five Reasons Why Watching The Beauty And The Beast (2017 Remake) Is a MUST!

There is always that kind of movie that no matter how many times you watch, it seems like it never gets old. It my case, every time I watch Beauty and the Beast ( which happens to be my most favorite Disney Film), it seems like the magic of this classic fairy tale never fades. I got thrilled when I found out that Disney will finally give this classic film a Live Action adaptation (the same treatment they gave for Jungle Book) but knowing that Beauty and the Beast is a critically-acclaimed animated film (the first one to score Best Picture), the expectations are so high. How the film will give justice to characters who are so popular that you can even name them all without even watching the film for the long time? How will they execute those iconic scenes that this film is known for? Will it still be magical? Will it meet our expectations?
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After 26 years, the magic of this animated film remains in our heart. I can still visualize that enchanting ballroom scene in my mind and for some, this film is seemingly untouchable. I’m happy that we will be introduced to a newer version of this classic Disney film. Now, after watching the special preview of this highly anticipated movie of the year, I want to share you my reasons why watching Beauty and the Beast is a must!
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New Characters to Love
The film is basically a direct adaptation to the classic Beauty and the Beast of 1991. They remained faithful to almost everything from the classic movie and tried to make it as accurate as possible but let’s all admit that no matter how iconic the 1991 film is, there are so many areas to be explored and this film patched-up those holes by inputting a modern twist on the story and that includes some interesting additional characters that we can all adore. First on the list is the deeper and much more emphasized role of the Enchantress. We are no longer welcomed by that simple narration at the beginning of the movie where the story of the cursed prince is depicted through the images  shown in stained-glass windows. Instead, we  are welcomed by a real enchantress whose role is a lot more emphasized ( I am not going to spoil much about her but she definitely has bigger roles in this movie). Another interesting character added in the film is Maestro Cadenza who act as the husband of Mrs Wardrobe (named in this movie as Madame de Garderobe) who was cursed as a harpsichord.

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Stellar Designs and Animation
One of the first questions I have in mind when I heard about the Live Action remake, How are they going to bring these inanimate characters back to life?  Like I said, I am so glad that the film remained faithful to the classic film that we all grew up loving with. The animation is simply stunning and I love the fact that they all managed to capture the atmosphere brought to us by the classic animated film. Well, knowing that it is now considered as the most expensive musical ever made (with $160 million spent for the production), they gave enough justice to the film and deliver something beyond our expectations. I also love the fact that they meticulously focus on the details and try to make it as accurate as possible. The settings, the dresses and the scenes were all captured perfectly for this live action remake.  The special effects were all on point as well which transformed our beloved household objects to look more highly realistic! The “Be Our Guest” scene is equally breathtaking and it gives me so much goosebumps while watching it.  They were all just perfectly executed.
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Interesting Backstory
When the Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991, the movie is generally catered for kids! Well, 25 years later, these kids are now grown ups and possibly have families of their own. Those children who grew up in 90s should definitely watch this movie because the film added an interesting backstory for Belle (played by Emma Watson) and the Beast (played by Dan Stevens) which will all make a perfect sense.  Who is Belle’s mom and why it was never mentioned in the animated version? Why is the Beast so selfish and unkind? Where are his parents on the first place? Well, interestingly, the film will gave us some clear answers to this plot holes. There were also interesting subplots in the movie which apparently brought some controversy especially with the character of Le Fou (but let me share my thoughts about this issue below)
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Old and New Musicals
I think for every movie that belongs to this so-called Disney Renaissance, a music scene is very crucial. You cannot imagine Aladdin without the iconic “A Whole New World” or Littler Mermaid without “Part of Your World” or Hercules without “Go To Distance”. For Beauty And the Beast , however, there were so many music score that are simply unforgettable. In fact, three of the songs like “Belle“, “Be Our Guest” and “Beauty and the Beast” were all nominated on the same category in 1991 Oscars (thanks to the brilliant music of Alan Menken and lyrics by the late Howard Ashman). I have learned that Paige O’Hara (the voice of Belle in animated movie) helped Emma Watson with her singing.  Emma Thompson‘s version of Beauty and the Beast is equally heartwarming to the orinal Angela Landsbury Aside from the classic music score, the new Beauty and the Beast also added new set of music including “How Does a Moment Last Forever” and “Evermore” which are both equally refreshing addition to the film. Here’s one of the official sound track of the film interpreted by Celine Dion (who sang the original pop version of Beauty and the Beast along with Peabo Bryson

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Equally Enchanting
If there is one element in this film that is captured amazingly, it is nothing more but the charm and the magic! It was generally nostalgic and every time I see how those iconic scenes are being recreated, it gives me so much chill and that unexplainable nostalgic feeling that brings out the inner kid in me. It was an amazing ensemble of cast and they all gave justice to their respective characters : Bell (Emma Watson), Beast (Dan Stevens), Gaston (Luke Evens), Le Fou (Josh Gad), Lumiere (Edward McGregor), Cogsworth (Ian McKellen), Mrs Potts (Emma Thompson) and more. The film relives the magic that we all felt for the first time watching it when we were kids and I’m sure kids of this generation will feel the same.

Gay Issue
I’m sure you have heard that Beauty and the Beast was banned in other countries. Like you, I can’t imagine why this classic fairy tale will get banned in countries for some issues that should never been raised on the first place. Just to let you know, there was a subplot in the movie that marks Le Fou as the first openly gay character in Disney. Although his gestures is quite revealing in Josh Gad’s interpretation, his sexuality was not really emphasized in the movie and I actually didn’t find any offensive scene or anything not suitable for younger audiences. In fact, he provided most of the film’s comical relief much like the real Le Fou did in the original animated movie.
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The highly anticipated movie of the year is finally hitting the theaters today, March 16, 2017. It is time for us to experience the magic of this classic tale. This film is best to watch in IMAX theater!

3 thoughts on “[ Movie Review ] Five Reasons Why Watching The Beauty And The Beast (2017 Remake) Is a MUST!

  • March 17, 2017 at 1:41 am

    I wanna watch this movie but looks like I may need to fly to Singapore or Bangkok or maybe Philippines to watch this lol. Malaysia’s Censorship Board wanted the gay related scenes to be cut but Disney refused. And why should Disney agree? If I am the filmmaker, I also won’t agree to have my film cut! Grrrrr

  • March 17, 2017 at 1:43 am

    Good that you mentioned about the gay issue and that it’s not a big deal. Well, too bad, some people think watching these mildly “gay” scenes would make people turn gay! LOL.


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