[Movie Review] : Going In Style : A Refreshingly Good Comedy Movie

If you are going to put three multi awarded actors in one film, then you must be expecting a heavy drama that will surely showcase the best of their acting skills. In Going In Style, three of our favorite and highly respected actors (Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin) will join force in one epic movie but it is not going to be a serious one!
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Honestly, upon seeing the trailer, I was expecting to see some serious drama. I initially thought that there will be some sort of “catch” during the film that will just put us all in tears but the film took us the other way around. Maybe I was just used to see these actors in serious roles so I never imagine them in comedy films. But then like they said, comedy is the hardest form of acting. You can make everyone cry with serious and convincing portrayal in a drama but you cannot make everyone laugh if jokes or the punch lines are thrown badly.
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Freeman, Caine and Arkin, however, surprisingly has such perfect chemistry together. It was just refreshingly good to see these veteran actors in one film. I have learned that Going In Style is just a remake of a 1979 film of the same name. I haven’t watched the original version  (i hope I could get a copy of it) so I have no rights to compare but I personally think that they managed to pull it off. The punchlines are timely thrown and the movie in general brought us all in great laugh. 
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Just to give you the idea, Going in Style is a movie about three elderly men named Joe (Michael Caine), Willie (Morgan Freeman), and Al (Alan Arkin). They were all senior citizens and life-long buddies who unfortunately caught up in a very unlikely situation. Their pensions were cut off and the bank placed them all in a critical financial situation. Joe, for an instance, was tricked by his bank and they had to take his house from him within 30 days. This is where their desperate action comes in. After witnessing an actual robbery, Joe got the idea of robbing the bank with his buddies. Well, they were old and yes, they got nothing to lose after all.
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Now who would have thought that these three elderly can execute a perfect crime. Who would have thought that they can rob a bank, make perfect alibis, get the money they deserve and never get jailed? How? Well, that’s something you should find out but one thing I can tell you is how amazing and clever their plans are! It is quite unpredictable and surprising at the same time!
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One thing I love about the movie are the punchlines. They are old school yet surprisingly funny. It was a light movie but generally entertaining. It might be a light story but if we are going to look deeper, it is actually a reflection of reality and how the elderly were being mistreated and how they cope up in a challenging society that never gave much attention and effort to give them what they truly deserve.  If these people are getting enough financial support from the government, they will never came up with the robbery plan on the first place.

Going in Style is a very refreshing movie and it was really nice to see the funny sides of these three veteran actors who are also accompanied by great cast including the funny Anne-Margret, witty Joey King, Doc Brown (I mean Christopher Lloyd haha), SNL’s Kenan Thompson and more! With so many serious action and fantasy movies currently showing today (Beauty and the Beast, Kong : Skull Island, Ghost in The Shell to name a few), Going In Style is just the right film to balance it all!
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My Rating for this film is 3.5 out of 5

Going In Style is Now showing on theaters since April 6, 2017

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