Music Journey Continues

PhotobucketAnd so my music journey continues and I am really taking it seriously. It is time for me to step up a bit. I was able to enroll myself in a music class and I just took my fifth session with them. My coach is pretty good and I learned a lot from him. I never thought that Piano lessons will be this great and I’m really having fun right now. I’m not doing this because I am trying to build a music career but I want to learn such thing because I am really passionate about it and I want to know more. Apart from the piano lessons, I am also taking his Voice lessons a bit but I am not taking it as my priority. I want to focus more on my piano so that I can volunteer myself confidently to our church choir. It is my ultimate dream to become a part of their growing team and I am definitely looking forward to it. I wish I can play a guitar because it is actually more versatile compare to other musical instrument. Guitar comes in wide variety too and as you can see from the image above, these are the various types of guitar used by my cousin Ichan. The one on the left is the rhythm guitar which is the most typical one. The one of the middle is Bass guitar while the guitar on the left is an Electric guitar. To make your music experience more inviting, you might have to get an amplifier like those Marshall Amps to distribute the sound equally, avoiding too much noise from the background.

Unfortunately, guitar is not really meant for me especially in my condition that I can barely move my left index fingers after that worst accident happened to me last 2006. Oh well, at least I can still play piano right?

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