Music, My Energizer


I used to listen to some upbeat songs every morning to energize me and to keep me on the go. Upbeat songs somehow boost my strength  and energy and help me finish my job in no time.

I’m not sure if you guys doing the same thing, but i used to turn on the speaker out loud so that i can still hear the music even i’m in the kitchen or bathroom, As a matter of fact, i just bought a radio transistor few weeks ago to listen to some of my favorite radio stations. It is a battery powered device but you can also put a cable  and plug it to an outlet. You can also attach a speaker to make the sound much louder. However, both of my speakers are not working anymore so and i might start looking for another Energy speaker seller online. I really need a device now to support my loud streaming  hobby that’s why i’m looking now for some heavy duty speakers. Any recommendations guys? I will certainly appreciate your help.

That’s all for now, will be off til Tuesday. See yah Soon!!

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