My Cousin’s Wedding and my Auntie’s White Car

My mom attended my cousin’s wedding last week and I am really grateful to witness such event. The wedding is simple yet they came up with a nice and unique theme. It was held in an old church of Saint Peter and i just love the entire background. The wedding was held 2 pm in the afternoon and we managed to arrive there earlier than expected. We may not have a big role in the wedding but being there and witnessing them giving each other’s vows is such an extra ordinary experience. It was my Auntie played a valuable role in this wedding. Nope she’s not the bridesmaid but she let her car be borrowed for these important event and she did it without any hesitation. She owns a white car which is very ideal for the said occasion that’s why my cousin grabbed that opportunity to borrow her car for her wedding. Everything turns out well but unfortunately for her car, a minor damage occurred. The door lock was somehow became nonfunctional and we told her to bring it to the nearest repair shop. I have a strong suspicion that a replacement will be advised to her and so I texted her yesterday and told her to look over  for some oem toyota parts wide selection online. Replacing is a good idea indeed to fix the broken door lock but it would be very ideal to replace it with a genuine part for a better and much durable item. I know how frugal she is so i encouraged her that buying oem’s is a much more practical idea.

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