My Marikina Experience Part 1

Will P500 will make you feel Rich?

Well some might say it is very impossible because these days, if you go to a mall, your P500 will just cover a fast food lunch and maybe a T-shirt (if it’s on sale). If you got a date and you only have 500 in your wallet, then forget about it.

That is why i do not go to mall if i only have 500 to spend. What i do is i head for Marikina. Why? Two reasons.

One, when it’s not chest-deep in flood waters, Marikina is quite the charming place, blending a quaint, small town atmosphere with patches of modern, urban lifestyle.

Two, It also allows me to travel by bicycle, which immediately cuts my expenses at least a hundred bucks, that would other wise have gone to gas.

Marikina Presents itself as a “bike-friendly” city because of the network of bike lanes that run through its main thoroughfares . I am not really sold on the idea of bike lanes, however because bike lanes per se don’t make you any safer. When biking on one, it is too easy to be lulled  into a false sense of security, until someone opens a car door in your face or some jeepney brakes suddenly in front of you to let a passenger on or off.

Bike lanes are just another way of marginalizing bike riders. At best, they give you a legal leg to stand on if, God forbid, something does happen to you while riding one. Better learn how to safely navigate traffic on  a bike.

here, i found a video of a not so effective cycling.

Will Post more about my Marikina Experience in my next entries

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