My New Year’s Resolution And Goals!

Happy New Year everyone!

2015 has been a challenging year to me but I’ve learned a lot and I am grateful that God has given me another year to celebrate life! Let us all leave the baggage behind and look forward to a better and more prosperous year! Today, I just came up with a list of things I would love to do and accomplish this year. This is more like my New Year’s Resolution and goals! I have no idea what 2016 has in store for me but I just want to welcome it with nothing more but happiness.

My health last year has been very tricky. I just find it hard to control my sugar level and even though I cut 75% of my rice intake, the blood sugar level is still fluctuating. Probably because I still drink coffee and Softdrinks that much. So this year, I am aiming to remove them both in my diet. I think it’s okay to consume them from time to time but not in a regular basis. I am also planning to hit the gym this month and this time I want to take it more seriously.


I’m not really into travel and I never expected that I will be able to engage myself in some small travel last year. So this year, i want to give myself a treat by exploring more. I am aiming to explore more churches from nearby towns and provinces this year. Topping my list is the famous Betis Church of Pampanga , Calaruega Church of Tagaytay, Regina Rica of Tanay and also the Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church in Bulacan. I am also planning to conduct my own pilgrimage in Parañaque as well as exploring the Intramuros and other nearby attractions.


For an introvert like me, attending an event is probably the last thing I will do but I want to step out of my comfort zone this year and face the world with confidence. I am planning to attend some blogger events if there’s any and If got an opportunity. I am also planning to attend a cosplay convention this year. Well, i used to do it but this time, I am eager to attend the event with my very first cosplay. My sister and I have plans but I don’t want to spoil it that much unless I am confidently sure about it haha.


One of my goals this year is to strengthen my faith. I am also planning to do something fruitful with the help of my Junior legionaries, I just don’t know yet what kind of apostolic work we can do but with God’s help, I’m sure we can some up with something great.


I wish I can find more friends not just virtually but in real world. According to my horoscope, I should engage myself in more social interaction and that’s what I am aiming to do. Hopefully, I will have enough courage to do it but I will give it a shot.

Love Life

… … … … … … … …!

Happy New year to all and may we all have a prosperous and fruitful year ahead!

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