My Workplace is a Freezer!

DSC_0000403-ttWhen I was working in one of my previous employer, I felt so blessed because they gave me a nice space to work. Everything looks fine and I am so grateful for such a wonderful treatment that they had given me. I love everything indeed except for one thing and that is the air conditioner! Okay, I know it sounds a little exaggerated on my end but would you ever dare to work on a space where aircon is directly hitting you. As far as I can remember, I often got colds due to a very low temperature on my working area. Oh how I wish I can convince them to transfer me to another location but I don’t think I have the right to demand. Wow, I should praise myself for staying there for two years haha. As  result, my skin gets dry, in a point that I can even draw images on my skin due to its extreme dryness that is why I always put lotion on my skin before hitting the office.

In addition to that, I always get chapped lips which is truly a big turn off for women.. yikes.. I used to buy labello to get rid of my chappy lips and to prevent them from getting worst. Despite of these simple issues, I really had a great time working with that company and I treasured all the moments I have spent there. Cheer!

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