Never Compromise Your Ideals

Never permit others to take advantage of you and win their point by anger, hostile methods or any form of mental black mail. Some people will attempt to win by any means they can think up and will try to put “one over” you if you are foolish enough to let them get away with it. Appeasement is not the answer. Once you back down on your decisions or bow to pressure, others soon will lose respect for you, even though you may have bowed to their wishes. Those who use mental black mail are little more than bullies, attempting to force you to think the way they think. Allow no one to delicate the way you should think. yo have the right of freedom of thought, exercise it. Let no one turn you from your aims in life, the decisions you make or the manner in which you wish to express your talents. Stand Firm. always do that which is right regardless of what others may think or feel. Honesty pays.

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