Not Another Ondoy!

It’s Raining here again and it is kinda unusual thing! We should be expecting more sun this month of January. Sudden climate change really makes me so worried and I do not want another Typhoon Ondoy to come! I remember how tragic that incident was which damaged millions of properties and killed many lives.

The world was in shock after seeing such a horrifying calamity that hits the country. Houses are being destroyed, cars and other properties are being washed away by the raging floods, trees are being knocked down and roads become seas because of the non stop heavy rainfalls. These are the same conditions that are being experience by Brisbane, Australia today.

(Flooding in Australia)

It really reminds me of the Ondoy tragedy and i know how difficult it is to face such disaster. Calamaties cannot be controlled. They happen naturally and we can do nothing to stop them. However, we can do something to protect ourselves and our family from such a fatal situation.

Preparedness is the main key! Properties might be the last option that you’re going to save in case there is such a calamity like typhoon but it would be great if you do something to keep them safe. Reconstruct your house and choose strong materials. This is the reason why most establishments in America and other parts of the globe construct metal buildings whether they are for commercial or residential purposes. This is because metals are highly durable and can able to withstand worst weather conditions.

And of course do not forget to offer your Prayers! Prayer is the most powerful tool that any individual can use to protect us from any possible danger.

2 thoughts on “Not Another Ondoy!”

  1. marikoy says:

    Scary ang baha sa Queensland… kasi maraming snakes na pumasok na sa mga bahay nga binaha, tapos may mga nakakita pa raw ng sharks sa tubig. Buti sa pinas, parang walang ganyan pag baha. Kaya tuloy, like last time, nakahold pa sila ng swimming contest sa binaha na part ng Metro Manila. Hay, mga pinoy talaga, may sense of humor kahit may calamity. heheh

  2. Raffy says:

    Narinig ko yan sa radyo yesterday, nakakatakot talaga.

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