Oh No! Puppy Bite

PhotobucketOh God. You can’t blame me guys for being so paranoid right now. My beloved Nami bit me unintentionally which left a small cut in my right index finger. My puppy has not been vaccinated yet. I’m quite scared that he might got rabies and we all know how fatal it would be if you just ignore it no matter how big or small the wound is. My mom and I will visit the center tomorrow morning for medical check up and for the possible Anti-tetanus injection as well. It’s better to act as early as possible than  regretting it in the end.

I did some research actually , they said that most puppies do not have rabies unless they were bitten by rabid animals. Well, wish me luck guys. Hopefully everything will be alright. Smiley

5 thoughts on “Oh No! Puppy Bite”

  1. sheohyan says:

    How was your checkup? Everything alright?

  2. [SK] says:

    oh gosh!! bitten by your own pet?? how disgraceful.. he must have gone mad when you were playing with him??

  3. [SK] says:

    i hope you're fine.. so you went to the doctor already?? anyway, i think chances is rather slim for you to get tetanus, since it's your pet and not any other stray dogs right?? 🙂

  4. [SK] says:

    no worries, you will be fine.. and still rocks in the blopsphere!! :p

  5. lina219 says:

    Just read about this after you mentioned it in your comment in SK's.

    Hope you are doing fine now!

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