Online Teaching, Is it for me?

PhotobucketI just got an invitation from a company today. At times that I was desperately looking for a job replacement, i did send my resume to some employers online. I was like giving out flyers to them, sending my resume without limits. And then here comes a response from a Korean company, inviting me for an interview. I’m not really sure yet if I am going to grab this opportunity but the offers are quite inviting. It is actually a home-based job in which I’ll be working as an online teacher. As you all know, teaching has always been a passion to me and that’s the reason why this offer really excites me. I am not really sure how the tutorial works or if they’ll be using an internet video conferencing or some sort of software applications. Of course, we need a tool for us to communicate with our online students or if the Company administrators will organize a conference or a group meeting. Internet will be the main tool for this job and considering that we were about to teach students from foreign countries so the only way for us to communicate is through Internet. What do you think guys? Should I try it or not?

3 thoughts on “Online Teaching, Is it for me?”

  1. [SK] says:

    well, it's just an interview.. then why not give it a try, and maybe understanding more from that company, you may like the job more..

  2. [SK] says:

    and this is a good opportunity, working from home through the internet, and you can also interact with people from around the world.. i think it's nice!! and teaching it's something you like..

  3. [SK] says:

    don't have to think too much about the means and ways, you'll most probably find out from the company, perhaps they already have something readily available for you for effective communication..

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